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We are devoted to putting helpful information at the finger tips of parents and children.
This is a family friendly site where busy parents may come, in the mornings, and get their day off to a good start by going to the Daily Bread link for their daily devotion. Additionally, children may come to this site and be educated while being entertained.
  If you are seeking truth, we recommend our Have You Heard page. Perhaps you are interested in beefing up your knowledge of Black History and American History or you're interested in testing your knowledge of the Bible. In that case, we refer you to our Links page. In addition to these helpful resources, we are building an archive of challenging quizzes to keep you and your children sharp and test your general knowledge. Please enjoy and be ENRICHED by our site, and if it is helpful to you, please pray for us, and contact us to let us know.
By God's grace, this little site has reached people in Norway, Portugal, Australia, U.K., Brazil, Canada, Papua New Guinea, Germany, France, Italy, Lituania, Malaysia, Poland, China, Netherlands, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Bermuda, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Argentina, Thailand, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Seychelles, Denmark, Taiwan, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Austria, Indonesia, Spain, Chile, Guatemala, Viet Nam, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Switzerland, Moldova, Hong Kong, Ireland, South Korea, Slovak Republic, Greece, Finland, Belarus, Romania, Colombia, Iceland, South Africa, Hungary, Tanzania, Montserrat, Pakistan, Laos, Soa Tome,Principe, Samoa, Tuvalu, Georgia,Bolivia, Cocos (Keeling)Islands, Latvia, British Indian Ocean Territory, Ghana, and India. Thanks for all you have done to contribute to it's success. We are not registered as non-profit.